Wednesday, 10 March 2021 – A video of Tanzanian President,John Pombe Magufuli, urging Tanzanian businessmen to take advantage and exploit Kenyans when President Uhuru Kenyatta imposed lockdown last year to curtail the spread of coronavirus pandemic, has emerged and sparked a lot of reactions online.

In the video that was taken last year when the superstitious President declared his country covid free, he is heard urging those who export farm produce to exploit Kenyans with exorbitant prices.

Back then, Magufuli, who is currently battling for his life at the Nairobi Hospital after contracting the deadly virus, was bragging how they had defeated the virus through prayers.

“Watwangweni sana kwa bei za juu, “which loosely translates to, “Overcharge them with exorbitant prices,”.

Robert Alai shared the video on his Twitter page saying, “Wakenya tunafaa tutwange Magufuli. He was joking with his country’s health when we were taking measures. We must demand higher pay from him to the country, away from the hospital charges”.

See how Kenyans reacted.


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