Friday, 05 March 2021 – Vera Sidika has confirmed that her marriage with struggling Mombasa artist, Brown Mauzo, is not a publicity stunt as earlier thought.

Speaking in a question-and-answer session with her fans, Vera said that she chose Brown Mauzo to be her husband after dating multiple men because he is an honest guy and besides being a lifetime partner, they are best friends.

“I’m not fit to give advice since I’m new to this. But I would say; marry or get married to your best friend. Someone you have perfect understanding and can be an open book to. Some people still keep secrets from their partners coz they are afraid of being judged. 

“If this is you, then you are not in the right place. Your man/ woman needs to know you inside out and accept you whole. That’s way, you will all enjoy life together and won’t be scared discussing anything. Pure bliss,” she said.

Vera further disclosed that her relationship with Brown Mauzo is genuine and not just for clout.

“We don’t live for social media. We have a genuine relationship that is purely for us to enjoy and not necessarily for people to see. That’s why we only post once in a while. It’s not our main goal to post photos every day,” she added.


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