Thursday, 04 March 2021 – Senator Anwar Loitiptip’s ex-wife, Hanny Fynn, has mocked Sonko’s daughter, Saumu Mbuvi, after she spilled the beans concerning her short-lived marriage with the youthful Senator.

Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo with Massawe Jappani, Saumu revealed that Anwar frequently threatened to kill her, forcing her to walk out of the toxic marriage.

She emotionally narrated how he would come home drunk while under the influence of hard drugs and alcohol and assault her in front of her two daughters.

She further described him as a deadbeat dad who doesn’t care what his daughter eats or wears.

After Saumu’s revelations on Radio Jambo, his ex-wife, Hanny Fynn, took to social media and threw jabs at her, claiming that she is facing the same problems that she faced when she was married to the Senator.

When Saumu fell in love with Anwar, she used to abuse his ex-wife on social media, calling her an old woman.

Back then, she was drunk in love.

However, she is now regretting why she fell in love with the abusive Senator who is a drug addict and a notorious skirt chaser.

Anwar’s ex-wife confirmed Saumu’s allegations that he is a drug addict and a very notorious womanizer, besides being a deadbeat dad.

The Senator’s ex-wife says experience is the best teacher since Saumu now knows Anwar’s real character after he subjected her to both emotional and physical abuse.

 She urged her to focus on raising her kids since Anwar won’t give her any financial support.

This is what she posted.


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