There was drama in Narok when a 65-year-old man disappeared with his son’s wife and even impregnated her. Mr Morosi, whose wife died a couple of years ago, has been suffering in loneliness, but his thirst was quenched last month and the better part of this month when his son married a petite girl. The Narok man didn’t take chances anymore; he sweet talked the lady and eventually won her heart.

It was then reported how in wee hours, he disappeared with her, leaving his son in the house rotating and meditating on the bed alone.

For three consecutive weeks, he stayed with the lady until she became pregnant. After discovering that he has done something memorable, the man left the lodging for his home.

On the other hand and out of embarrassment, the lady left for her parents. But yesterday she again appeared but this time as the wife of the old mzee. The shameless couple started living together!

The son was left in utter confusion and distress. He had to move away from the family since there was growing tension an irreparable animosity which could lead to death of one party; either father or son one could kill the other over the woman.

So therefore he left to his cousin’s place in Kisumu and while there he was advised to make sure the father learnt a hard lesson.

“Have you tried to present your case to traditional doctors? Your father is so randy that he ought to be taught something,” a friend advised him.

He was then handed a number belonging to Mugwenu Doctors +254740637248 which he called and struck an appointment with the healer. Mugwenu Doctors are the best traditional African herbalists from Tanzania, and spiritual healers who not only deliver to their promises but even heal dreaded diseases.

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After he visited the witchdoctor, all hell broke loose and the father started quarreling and fighting the woman he had snatched the son. He even made sure the lady does away with the pregnancy. It wasterminated forcefully. He had forced her to terminate. After this happened, the lady called him (his real husband) saying, “I want you please this was the devil which cheated me,”

The woman left the ‘father’ and reunited with the son and now they are living peacefully together in Kisumu. They have since vowed never to return at home again.

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