Thursday, March 11, 2021 – Doctors at the Nairobi Hospital have revealed the day when former Prime Minister Raila Odinga will be discharged from the hospital.

According to lead Doctor Dr. Oluoch Olunya, Raila, who is also the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, will be released in the next two days as doctors need some time to observe him

“He has had a rigorous campaign and needed to have some check-ups. This was carried out successfully. We are continuing to monitor his condition, and no doubt he will be able to address the country in due course.” Olunya stated.

Mr. Odinga’s elder daughter, Rosemary Odinga, also sought to assure the public that her father is out of danger.

“He is okay and is recovering. No cause for alarm,” Rosemary said

Odinga’s son, Raila Jr., also thanked Kenyans for wishing his father a quick recovery and said he will soon be out of the hospital.

“Thanks everyone who called to find out how Baba is. He is good and actually called for a few minutes to speak with his grandson about school and the importance of porridge. He is in very good spirits.”


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