Wednesday, 10 March 2021 – Michael Gitonga, the man from Umoja who became an overnight celebrity due to his uncanny resemblance with President Uhuru Kenyatta, has returned to Eastlands after he and his family were kicked out of a 4 bedroom house that they had been gifted by a local real estate company in one of Nairobi’s upmarket areas.

Speaking in a recent interview, Michael, who is nicknamed “Uhunye Wa Umoja”, said that the company exploited him to market itself and then forced him to vacate the house after his fame and hype faded.

“Huko nilihama. Hiyo keja ni kuenjoiwa tu. Utaenda mahali maisha iko juu and watu hawakusaidii. Watu wanataka tu kukutumia. They take advantage of you just to market their products,” he said.

Michael revealed that he stayed in the lavish house that had a chef, driver, gardener and two security guards for four months only before vacating.

“I had shifted with my family and stayed for four months. Wakati niliona madharau inaingia, mimi nikajichuja nikarudi mtaani,” he added.


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