Thursday, March 4, 2021 – A revered Kenyan economist based in Saudi Arabia has said if Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) fails to address the issue of electoral violence in Kenya, the 2022 presidential elections will be worse than the infamous 2007 general election.

During the 2007 presidential election over 1100 people were killed and over half a million displaced from their homes.

Already, politicians are beating drums of war going by the chaos and pandemonium that has been witnessed in Kabuchai, Matungu, and London Ward mini polls.

Commenting on Twitter on Thursday, Welihye Mohamed, who is an economic advisor to Saudi Arabia Central Bank, said if BBI fails to address electoral violence, 2022 will be worse than 2007.

“If these bye-elections are a barometer of the political temperatures in the country, we face a tough 2022 & pre-2022 period. I hope and pray that BBI (as intended) has solutions for these inherent risks,” Mohamed stated on his Twitter page.


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