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Tuesday, 16 March 2021 – Lamu-based beach boy, Omar Lali, has been implicated further after a hotel attendant of the lavish Jaha House where his late girlfriend, Tecra Muigai, allegedly fell to her death took to the stand to testify.

Geoffrey Maliolo told the court that Lali told him to clean the house after he found blood on the stairs.

Tecra’s blood was fresh on the floor and had not clotted when he reported to duty at 7.30 am on April 23, 2020, to do the cleaning.

“When I was cleaning the floor I came across some water like madafu or urine split on the floor. I moved closer to the master bedroom where the duo used to sleep and knocked several times but there was no response,” Maliolo said.

He then climbed to the second floor and noticed there was blood on the staircase.

“I climbed up to the room, to the dining room lounge. There were three wine glasses and two ordinary glasses. They had some drinks in them. There were also remains of a cocktail, wine, used cigarrete filters, khat and empty wine bottle,” he added.

Maliolo then proceeded to the rooftop to check if Lali and his girlfriend were there.

 “They were not there. Tecra’s laptop was on the couch charging and there were empty Fanta bottles and wine glasses on the rooftop,” he said.

When he dialed Tecra’s phone, it went unanswered.

He went to the hotel manager and informed him that he had seen bloodstains on the stairs of the visitor’s house and when he looked around, Lali and Tecra were not around.

As they were heading to Java House with the manager, Maliolo said Lali called him and explained that they had a ‘small’ accident and if he found blood in the house when cleaning, he should not be worried.

Lali instructed him to clean everything in the house.

“Omar told me to clean everything in the house,” said Maliolo.

Maliolo later learnt that Tecra had been admitted at a local hospital and was in a coma.


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