Friday, March 12, 2021 – Tanzania government has defended the continued absence of President John Pombe Magufuli, who is reportedly undergoing COVID- 19 treatment at the Nairobi Hospital in Kenya.

For the last two weeks, Magufuli has been missing from the public forcing Tanzanians to speculate over his whereabouts.

But a statement issued by Tanzania’s Cabinet Minister for Constitutional Affairs warned that nobody should question Magufuli’s absence from the public.

“The president of a country is not a church worker. Neither is he a church elder who did not show up for a scheduled appearance. The president is not a TV presenter who had a show and failed to show up. A head of state is not a head of a jogging club who should always be around taking selfies,” Nchemba stated.

“Let us stop this stupidity. You have sullied the name of the country, you have wished that we fail and now you are wishing ill over our president. Those who are breaking the law, think about what the penal code says on cybercrime. The government is at work,” Nchemba added.


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