Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – As the Kenya government continues borrowing billions from donors to fight Covid-19, fresh details have emerged over how poor Kenyans are suffering in public and private hospitals.

In functioning economies like Rwanda and Lesotho, governments are taking full responsibility for treating Covid-19 patients whether in public or private hospitals.

But in Kenya, the government is begging money from donors to loot since all covid-19 patients have been urged to foot their own bills.

According to an expose by renowned blogger, Cyprian Nyakundi, some of the hospitals in Nairobi are demanding a deposit of Sh 650,000 to admit a Covid-19 patient.

“Dear Kenyans, can we conclude Covid-19 is Killing many Kenyans because hospitals are demanding as much as Sh.650,000 in order to admit people? Is this why there are many deaths per day because many hospitals are putting money before patients?,” Nyakundi posted on his Twitter page on Wednesday.

Kenya is experiencing a third wave of Covid-19 and it is turning to be deadly than the first wave and second one.

On Tuesday, the country registered 1064 new Covid -19 new cases and 7 deaths.


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