Monday, 22 March 2021 – A lady has taken to social media to seek justice after her sister was murdered by her husband. 

The lady, who is identified as Monica Wavinya, wrote a post on Facebook alleging that her sister, Celestine Nduku, was killed by her husband and urged Kenyans to help her tag Directorate of Criminal Investigations so that the suspect can be arrested.

“My friends help me tag DCI Kenya to help me find this man that has just murdered my sister….He has been reported twice for beating my sister and today he has done the worst……,” she wrote.

Wavinya, who is not in the country at the moment, claims that her sister’s husband was arrested a few days ago after he battered her but police set him free, claiming that domestic disputes should be solved within the family.

“This man was arrested the other day lakini police said hio ni mambo ya familia and akaachiliwa now he has murdered my dear sister……I will not rest until justice is served……guys help me because he is now a threat to the kids to and I’m not in Kenya not in a position to help my sister… so destroyed my sisters journey has been tough with this man and today he has done the worst,” she wrote another post.


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