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Tuesday, March 16, 2021 – Tigania West residents are up in arms, accusing Deputy President William Ruto of duping them.

This is after a vehicle donated by Ruto to Kianjai Girls’ Secondary School during his recent tour in Meru County was repossessed and taken back to Nairobi.

According to sources, the area residents condemned the move claiming the school bus handover ceremony held on Saturday, March 6, was meant to hoodwink them and was retaken after the ‘photo session’.

They further claimed that the school bus was repossessed to be taken to another school.

In his defence, Tigania West MP, John Mutunga, said the vehicle was taken back by the assembling company so that it could be completed.

He claimed the company was overrun by Ruto’s meeting and had to release the vehicle for the official handover ceremony even though it was yet to be completed.

“The bus was yet to be completely assembled due to the emergence of COVID-19.”

“The company allowed us to use it for Ruto’s official function then return it so that it could be completed,” said Mutunga.

Another group in the area identified as Tigania Eye claimed the vehicle, which was fully funded by the constituency’s development fund, was repossessed as it was yet to be paid for fully.

The lobby group termed the incident as hypocrisy, political deceit, and nothing but 2022 politics.


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  1. I overheard that busia bodaboda walichezwa juzi. something is in mess. its either people behind DP are PLAYING SECRET CARDRDS OR dp has mastermind A new PR strategies

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