Wednesday, March 10, 2021 – Renowned neurosurgeon, Prof Oluoch Olunya, has confirmed that Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, is still admitted at the Nairobi Hospital where a team of doctors is watching him closely.

Olunya, who is Raila Odinga’s personal doctor, said the former Prime Minister walked into the hospital on Tuesday and he was admitted after complaining of joint pains and fatigue.

“Odinga walked in for routine medical test at the Nairobi hospital on March 9, 2021 after feeling some fatigue,” said Dr Olunya in a statement.

“He is still undergoing some further investigations with a team of doctors and has been advised to take a rest,” he added. “We are continuing to monitor his condition and no doubt will be able to address the country in due course. He is in good spirits.”

Dr. Olunya directed all inquiries to Raila’s personal assistant Dennis Onyango.


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