Prophet ELVIS MBONYE mega birthday celebration and spiritual nourishment on 27th March at 6:00 pm

Prophet Elvis A. Mbonye is a Prescient with an unprecedented record of prophetic fulfillments and on Saturday, March 27 at 6: pm, the revered Prophet will have a mega birthday celebration.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye, the founder of Zoe Ministries, is on record having foretold several regional and international news breaking events that came to pass with startling accuracy.

Some of his latest prophecies that came to pass include the US-Iran tensions at the beginning of 2020 that many had predicted would culminate in World War 3.

Prophet Mbonye also prophesied that Kamala Harris would be chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate before a congregation of thousands on 7th January 2020.

His YouTube channel ‘PROPHET ELVIS MBONYE’ contains more prophecies that have since come to pass

For blessings galore and spiritual nourishment, don’t miss this mega celebration of a true modern-day prophet.

The mega celebration will be a two-hour Livestream on Facebook and also on

See poster for more details.

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