Friday, 12 March 2021 – The late Tecra’s househelp, Waithera, told the court that Omar Lali frequently subjected her to physical abuse.

Waithera, who is one of the witnesses in the inquest into the mysterious death of the deceased Keroche heiress, started working for Tecra in August 2019 in Naivasha.

Waithera was working in a hotel in Naivasha where Tecra was a regular customer and they became friends.

“She said she will pay me 25,000 per month. I agreed and on August 21, 2019, she called me and said she has a house and needed a house girl. I went with two more girls to clean the house. The next day I continued with my work as a house help,” Waithera said.

“Surprisingly, end month I was paid Sh22, 000 and when I asked her why, she said Omar had said Sh25, 000 was too much and she should pay me Sh22, 000. I agreed,” she added.

Waithera told the court that Omar frequently beat Tecra and on several occasions when she reported to work in the morning, she would find her crying.

“Many times, when I reported to work in the morning, I would see Tecra crying and when I asked, she would say Omar had beaten her at night. When I cleaned the house in the morning, I realised they had slept in different beds and wine was splashed in the house. They used to fight at night. There were quarrels,” the househelp said.

Waithera said Omar used to threaten Tecra that he will kill her if she left him.

Tecra’s mother insists that Omar killed her daughter when she stopped giving him money.


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