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I have a moving story I would want to share with the public since it may also help others understand how marriage life can turn ugly sometime.

My wife Jane likes Kesha especially when we are facing financial challenges, she can go for even 3 consecutive days and return when the home is peaceful. That’s how she deals with issues instead of confronting me.

However, last month I wasn’t a happy man, something happened to me that will forever remain in my mind. One morning while I was taking tea, a friends who lives in Githurai called me and said there is something he wanted to share with me but only if I was ready to handle it.

It didn’t ring in my mind that it was bad news because I knew my friend as a charming man who always minds his own business. I told him it is okay come at 3 PM.

I went to town to deliver a laptop to my relative then hurriedly returned home to meet him. When I was alighting at Kihunguro Ruiru, I saw my friend walking towards my home, I hurriedly walked to meet him.

“How are you Sam, siku mingi? I greeted him and he answered me, “Mimi hata nitamalizia hapa nirudi, ni vizuri nimekukuta kwa bara bara”. He then finally dropped the bombshell on how he always see my wife visit our pastor in his house. He even shocked me how he at one time got them in the house in a compromising position.

”Kama unataka amani, pambana na huyo pastor, atakuaharibia ndoa sababu nishampata akilalia bibi yako,” he concluded.

That far, I started to doubt my friend’s story. I told myself this man has bad intentions let him go away.

That not enough, on Saturday morning while I was taking a shower, my phone rung but I couldn’t pick it because it was far. When I was through, I went to confirm only to find that he was still my friend who had called. I called back immediately.”Hebu kimbia, kuna maneno hapa, ni bibi yako na pastor.”  I hurriedly dressed up and headed to Githurai.

Immediately I arrived, I found my friend outside his shop, he pointed towards the pastor’s house—“mambo inaendelea huko,” My heart couldn’t settle, I wanted to see with my own eyes.

Passy Wacha niiname ndio itoshe ndani vizuri. Leo ni tamu sikujua uko hivyo ahasante,” I heard a voice from the house. My legs trembled as my body was covered with a thin sweat.   ”Bibi wewe nataka nikupatie mtoto,” the pastor responded.

I walked away in anger and said a man shall live to fight again. I must do something and after I arrived at home, I called my wife, she didn’t pick my calls. I again called in the evening only to receive a rude message that she is coming to pick her belongings. I think someone told her that I had noticed her behavior. At exactly 7.30 PM, she came with two men, forced me silent and took her belongings. I feared the worst could happen.

For two weeks we didn’t communicate. I enquired only to be told that she was living with the pastor as a second wife. I don’t want to cheat, I started looking for all ways possible to punish these people.

I called the number +254740637248(for witchdoctor) which I had been given by Sam. I explained my problems. The herbalist told me those are the cases he deals with daily; he gave me an appointment.

On Tuesday last week, I went to Dr Mugwenu’s office and delivered the pastor’s details. He gave me something to put near his door in Githurai, I went and did exactly that. I followed the instructions quite well.

The following day I didn’t believe my eyes when a message came, “Aki tunakufa, kama tulikokosea tusamehe.” The randy pastor wrote a message begging me unlock them from pain .He was begging me not to tell anyone too. He even offered sh 350,000.

After the money was wired straight to my account, I told Mugwenu to set them free. He came to the building and restored back their health. What are you waiting for? To Consult call: +254 740637248; or read more here:

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