Friday, 12 March 2021 – Tecra’s house help, Anne Waithera, recounted how her boyfriend, Omar Lali, disappeared to the bushes near the lake when her mother, Tabitha Karanja, came to visit her in Naivasha.

Tecra had a lavish house in Naivasha where she stayed with Omar Lali.

According to Anne, when Omar heard that Tabitha had visited her daughter after discovering that she was eloping with an older man, he disappeared to the bushes near the lake to avoid being seen. 

“He came back in the evening without a phone. He had thrown it in the lake thinking he would be traced,” she told the court during an inquest into the mysterious death of the late Tecra at Milimani Law Courts.

Tabitha Karanja disapproved of Tecra’s relationship with Omar when she sent her his photo on WhatsApp to introduce him.

She did everything possible to convince her daughter to cut off links with the aging beach boy but her efforts bore no fruits.

Tabitha insists that Lali killed her daughter when she refused to give him money.


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