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Friday, March 26, 2021 – The mystery surrounding the death of five family members from Tanzania who had Kenyan names and who were killed on Sunday during the late President John Pombe Magufuli’s body viewing has been explained.

The body of Suzan Ndana Mutwa, 30, was found alongside her children Nathaniel Mwenda Mtuwa, Michelle Harry Mtuwa, Natalia Grance Mtuwa and Chrisian Allan Mtuwa.

The five were trampled on during a stampede at Uhuru Stadium where thousands of mourners were pushing their way in to pay their last respects.

A section of Kenyans wondered why the five had names that resembled those of the Kamba community in Kenya.

Levi Odhiambo Opiyo, a historian, explained that the five are descendants of the Kenyan Kamba Community who settled in Tanzania which was known as the German East Africa.

Their common language is Kikamba and settled there during the long-distance trade in the 19th and early twentieth century. 

Other Kambas are also found in Uganda and in the South American country of Paraguay where the Kamba Cuá are well known for their intense and lively drumming and dancing, just like their kin in Kenya.

The population of Akamba in Kenya is over 4,348,000, about 8,280 in Uganda and 110,000 in Tanzania.

The Kamba tradition was manifested in their dancing, performed to throbbing polyrhythmic drum beats.

 It was characterised by exceptionally acrobatic leaps and somersaults, which flung dancers into the air.

The five family members were buried on Thursday, March 25.

The late Magufuli was pronounced dead on Wednesday, March 17 after developing heart complications at Mzena Hospital.

He will be buried today, Friday, March 26, at his rural home in Chato, Geita region of Tanzania. 


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