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I am Patricia from Mlolongo having been married to my husband for two years now. We even have a baby together.

Nonetheless, of recent, my hubby started showing strange withdrawal signs. He is not the same man who loved me and with whim with used to spend a lot of time together at home or strolling and doing shopping around market in the evening.

I tried to get him to tell me what the problem was but he declined to tell me anything what was giving me too much stress. I became so unhappy and was always crying
even at work because my husband’s cruelty was now too much.

One day, I was doing laundry when I sniffed a certain perfume on his clothes. They
smelled of a woman’s perfume. I had lived long enough with my husband to know
his scent and that was not it. It was a strong, lavender scent that only a woman can

Though I thought I was overreacting, I decided to use that as a clue to unearth
something that was going on. Could my husband be cheating on me? I wondered as
I was doing the laundry. Later that evening, when he came very late as was his bad
habit, I sneaked into his phone to see his recent calls.

I was so right. My husband was cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend. I saw
intimate chats in their phone and also naked photos of her and him. There was
no doubt he was cheating on me.

Out of pain, I broke down into tears that night. My heart broke into a million pieces. I cried up to around 4AM when I decided to call my aunt Flora to tell me how I could handle life.

“My dear this is too much. It is not good manners to be treated as a side dish. If he is cheating, the only way to handle the situation is by taking him to a traditional herbal doctor so that he can teach him together with his lover a life lesson,” she told me.

She sent me Doctor Mugwenu’s number where I called him that early morning and
we scheduled a meeting later that day. I met him and I came to understand he was
a traditional herbalist who incorporated the use of traditional concoctions to net cheating partners.

As he performed the hexes, he assured to me this will work in less than 24 hours.
I later then started going back home a devastated woman angry that my husband had thrown away our two years of marriage for his ex-girlfriend. I really felt wasted.

Interestingly, on my way back, someone called telling me that my hubby was in trouble I should hurry. On rushing to the scene where people had gathered, I found a drama of the year; my husband and his lover were stuck in a room bonking.

I was so flabbergasted; I almost collapsed. People were making fun of
them. That is the price they paid for betraying me.

He stretched his neck and caught a glimpse of me in the crowd and immediately started crying and telling me to help save him from the embarrassment. “Sweatheart usijali tusaidie aki baby hii ni nini imefanyika?” he cried.

I decided to wait for an hour or so before I called Doctor Mugwenu who later unlocked them. He came crying on my feet. I decided to forgive the fool but told the woman never again.

Dr. Mugwenu says his spell casting powers work within 24 hours, and usually
within the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from
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powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts.
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