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Wednesday, 31 March 2021 – Renowned Mother-in-Law actress, Maria, has revealed that she has been raising her kids as a single mother after her husband abandoned her 12 years ago when she gave birth to her third child.

Speaking in an interview with popular YouTuber Hiram Maina, Maria disclosed that trouble started after she delivered her third child.

He asked me who had told me he wanted a third child and that I should tell whoever was responsible for the pregnancy to come and take the child. I thought he was feeling off because of the big gap between the second and last born,” she recounted.

Her firstborn was in Form 2 when her husband left them in 2009.

He then married another wife and left Maria to take care of their three kids.

Maria said that it’s by God’s grace that she has been able to raise her kids and educate them.

“My ex-husband remarried and so I chose to move on and focus on the kids. He wanted to have two wives and each wife was to have two kids. So when I had my third born he said it was my ‘mistake’. My kids are my strength, Dennis is 27 years old, my daughter is 23 and my last born is 15,” she added.

Her firstborn son is a law graduate while his daughter has done agribusiness.

However, they are still jobless despite having good academic credentials.

“I have two graduates in the house. I have a lawyer and my daughter has done Agribusiness. Children get depressed because they see how much parents sacrifice to educate them but when they finish school, there are no jobs”, she added.


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