Monday, March 1, 2021 – Matungu parliamentary seat hopeful, Christabel Murunga, has slammed Deputy President William Ruto for what she termed as playing dirty politics in Matungu.

Christabel is the widow to the then Matungu MP, Justus Murunga, and is eyeing the seat as an independent candidate in the by-election slated for March 4th.

Ruto, through United Democratic Alliance (UDA) has fielded Alex Lanya as the party’s candidate.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, Christabel said Lanya had sent her daughter, Vera Murunga, an air ticket from Nairobi to come to Matungu to contradict and campaign against her.

“I am still mourning my husband, Alex Lanya has sent my daughter an air ticket to come and campaign against me, her real mother, whom I carried for nine months, he is taking advantage of a child whose father is decomposing in the grave,” the teary Christabel said.

“Why should someone use my daughter to win an election by opposing my campaigns, why is he taking advantage of Murunga’s children for his own benefit, I’m so disappointed na Murunga hajalala kwa Kaburi, “she added.

Christabel further accused Lanya of embezzling her late husband’s burial arrangement funds.

She said he was the secretary during the exercise and since Murunga was interred, he has never visited them so that they can ‘balance books’ to find out if some money remained.


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