Friday, 19 March 2021 – Lee Funeral Home was trending on Twitter on Friday morning after a photo of heavy police presence around the high-end morgue surfaced, leading to rumours that a prominent Kenyan had passed on.

Kenyans started all manner of rumours on Twitter as they anticipated to hear the bad news from the morgue.

After endless rumours, it later emerged that the viral photo was taken when former President Moi died.

Someone decided to share the old photo that spread online like a bushfire just to cause panic.

Reacting to the trending topic, Dr. Ezekiel Mutua hit out at rumormongers, noting that such behavior signals a sick society.

He further said that such unethical acts are always propagated by keyboards warriors who take advantage of social media anonymity.

“You know that our society is sick to when people celebrate the death of others, even imagining the death of others and posting it on social media without any regard to their families. Our problems are deep. Hatuna utu. The worst lot are faceless simpletons in social media. SHAME!” Mutua posted.


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