Thursday, 11 March 2021 – Philomena Dickson came into the limelight a few months ago after she paraded her elderly mzungu husband on social media and sparked a lot of reactions.

Narrating her love story on Thriving Couples Kenya Facebook Group, Philomena revealed that she had gone for an interview at Java Restaurant in 2012 when she met the love of her life, who is old enough to be her grandfather.

When they got married, she was 20-years-old while he was 58.

They have been married since 2013 and while celebrating the 7th marriage anniversary, she took to social media and lashed out at haters.

“It has been seven years, you don’t get tired by the way. Anyway, learn to live your life and mind your own business. Stop putting your nose in other people’s relationships. Work on your own. No one is telling you must have a relationship like ours. Learn to manage your life,” she ranted.

The chocolate-skinned lady continued ranting saying, “Go live your life the way you want and enjoy it to the fullest. You will be even happier when you mind your own business. If my relationship pains or disgust, see a doctor,”

Here are photos of Philomena and her elderly mzungu husband.


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