Monday, March 22, 2021 – Kenyans on social media have reacted angrily to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech during the funeral ceremony of late Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli.

While paying his tribute to the late Magufuli, Uhuru recalled a lesson he learned from the 5th Tanzanian President about foreign aid.

Uhuru said that while Magufuli was alive, he often emphasized that Africa can do without foreign aid urging that African countries can fund their own projects.

“Magufuli taught us that Africa can do without foreign aid. The late president often criticised foreign aid, arguing that Tanzania, and indeed the African continent, had the power to fund its own projects domestically,” Uhuru said.

Uhuru ‘s sentiments sparked a series of mixed reactions from Kenyans who blasted him for not being able to listen to Magufuli’s teaching on foreign aid, and in turn taking huge foreign loans.

From 2013 Uhuru has borrowed trillions of shillings from China and other developed countries to fund non-existent projects and the money ends in the pockets of well-connected individuals in his government.


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