Saturday, 13 March 2021 – More details of how senior managers at top TV stations use their positions to frustrate junior reporters have emerged after seasoned TV journalist, Makori Ongechi, was fired unceremoniously from Citizen TV after he fell out with Joe Ageyo and Linus Kaikai.

Joe Ageyo is alleged to be one of the ruthless senior managers who misuse their positions to settle personal scores.

Former KTN reporter, Eric Njoka, has revealed on Twitter how Joe Ageyo terminated his contract to please his friends and close associates.

Back then, Ageyo was the managing editor at KTN before was poached by Citizen TV, where he is the editorial director.

“Ageyo once terminated me so that he could please his minions at the time. He and whole lot of others don’t believe in talent. We men are their biggest threat,” Eric Njoka, who worked with Ageyo at KTN, posted on Twitter.


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