Wednesday, 10 March 2021 – During the inquest into Tecra Muigai’s death at Milimani Law Courts yesterday, a witness told the magistrate that he interacted with Tecra and Omar Lali several times before she died.

The witness identified as, Peter Kariuki, revealed that Omar Lali controlled the deceased Keroche heiress like a remote and would be jealous if any man talked to her.

“Whenever I could reach out to Tecra, it was Omar who would receive the call and would never let me speak to her,” Peter said and added that the couple frequently engaged in a verbal and physical exchange.

Peter further disclosed that Tecra’s life changed for the worse after she fell in love with Omar Lali.

She cut off friends to spend time with the 51-year-old beach boy.

“I would say all her relationships changed when Omar came into her life. She cut off her friends and when I asked her, she told me Omar wanted to spend all the time with her, “Kariuki, who was a close friend of the late Tecra, said.

Tecra’s mother, Tabitha Karanja, told the court that she believes Omar killed her daughter when she stopped giving him money.


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