Friday, March 12, 2021 – Keroche Breweries heirless, Anerlisa Mungai, has dismissed rumours on social media that her mother, Tabitha Karanja, is fighting a dangerous disease.

For the whole of this week, Tabitha Karanja has been appearing in court for the inquest of her late daughter, Tecra Karanja, who died mysteriously last year.

Going by the photos, Tabitha has lost a lot of weight forcing Kenyans on social media to speculate that she is fighting a dangerous disease.

But Anerlisa, who spoke on social media on Friday, said her mother is not sick but she decided to shed some weight.

She added that they decided to lose weight as a family, her brother included.

“Leave my mum alone, her weight loss is fine and we decided as a family to shed off excess weight. #healthyliving.” Anerlisa wrote on social media.

Tabitha has been going through a tough time trying to fight for justice for her daughter and also trying to fight a tax battle with Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) which is demanding Sh 14 billion from Keroche Breweries.


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