Tuesday, March 2, 2021 – Panic and agony has gripped Kiambu county residents after another Mugumo tree which is considered sacred according to the Kikuyu Community beliefs, fell.

The leaves of the giant tree in Muthure village started withering which prompted elders to perform special rituals at its stalk to ‘save’ it.

However, on Monday, the sacred tree fell, an incident that has since sent jitters to the residents who insisted that the tree is sending a special message.

According to John Gachie, who is a resident of the village, said the tree may symbolize the end of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership in 2022.

He says though Uhuru is still in control of Mt Kenya politics, the fall of the Mugumo tree indicates otherwise.

Muti Uyu ura Uga utongoria wa Uhuru ni Muthiru(the falling of this Mugumo tree signifies the end of Uhuru’s leadership,” Gachie said.

Uhuru, who is in his final term in office is insisting that he will be the community spokesman even after his retirement.

 The Head of State hails from Kiambu County.


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