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Friday, March 5, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday shocked Kenyans with his response on taking the Covid-19 vaccine jab before the rest of Kenyans to allay fears over the safety of the vaccine.

Speaking while flagging the vaccine distribution to different parts of the Country, Uhuru said that there was a government protocol on how to administer the vaccine.

He noted that he will take the vaccine, but only after thorough deliberation with his personal doctor.

According to Uhuru, he will not succumb to external pressures to do something that might put his life at risk.

“I will, of course, take the jab when my doctors say so, and at my own wish, and not under pressure from anybody,” the president declared.

He also noted that they will also rely on expert opinion and advice on whether the leaders should take it first to instill confidence in the public.

The Head of State reiterated that they had met as leaders and agreed that it was the frontline workers to be considered first while cautioning the media to seek clear information and stop rumors.

“Our policy has been clearly stated that we will start with frontline workers.”

“I would appeal to members of the fourth estate to stop disseminating rumors.”

“This is the time to come together to be able to give much-needed service, but we don’t have to dwell on insinuations on who should be vaccinated first.”

“We have met as a Cabinet and we have made it very clear that the policy of my administration is that the first persons to be administered with this vaccine are the frontline workers,” he continued.

Kenyans have been piling pressure on Uhuru to lead by example in taking the recently imported Covid-19 vaccine, but as things stand, he will not be taking the jab any time soon.


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