Wednesday, 03 March 2021 – Slay queen city politician and lawyer, Karen Nyamu, has revealed that she has no plans of getting married.

Speaking during an interview on Jalang’o TV on Wednesday, the single mother of two, who has dated prominent businessmen and politicians among them the late Jacob Juma, Fidel Odinga and Mike Sonko, said that most men who pursue her are married and that’s why she believes that marriage is a scam.

She can’t stand having a cheating husband and so, she prefers to stay as a single mother.

“I have no intention of getting married. Most people who pursue me are married men and that’s why I am not into this marriage thing,” she told Jalang’o.

Karen further denied claims that Samidoh was not aware that she was recording videos when they were together in her house.

According to her, Samidoh also has a lot of videos and photos in his phone that they have taken together.

Their illicit affair started in 2019 and when they met for the first time, he lied to her that he was not married.

She later got to know that he has a wife and 2 kids through a friend.



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