Monday, 01 March 2021 – Former Ebru TV anchor turned radio presenter, Kamene Goro, has sparked online reactions after revealing that she is ready to settle down.

Kamene, who was dumped by her Tanzanian boyfriend on WhatsApp 2 weeks before their wedding, said that although she is an independent lady who can foot all bills, she feels the time is ripe to find a husband.

“I honestly think I’m ready for it. I think it’s important. Maybe sisi independent ladies tumekua too much. I miss someone asking me uko? Unakuja saa ngapi? Umepika?” Kamene said during Kiss 100 breakfast show that she co-hosts with Jalang’o.

The controversial radio queen said she is ready to cook dinner every day, iron clothes and perform all the household chores that married women do.

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  1. Who told you we are ready to make you a wife Kenyan ladies wana ukumbafu sana mnanuka sana ukitaka kujuwa sana ask JOHN POMBE MAGUFULI maana yakunuka Nini.

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