Saturday, 06 March 2021 – Popular Kikuyu gospel singer, Loise Kim, is now regretting divorcing her husband, over infidelity, after failing to get another man to marry her, despite her beauty and successful music career.

Speaking through her Facebook page, the pretty singer, whose appetite for Ben 10s is well-known, urged women to stick in their marriages and solve marital issues with their husbands instead of walking out.

According to her, all men are the same and so if you divorce your husband thinking you will get a better man, you will end up disappointed.

Loise confirmed that life out of marriage is difficult after staying as a single mother for more than 5 years.

“Am not here to encourage adultery or polygamy, but here is where the tyre touches the road. In this world I am in, I have learnt that, 1…No woman should leave her husband because he has taken another woman reason, no man is better than the other, just know how to handle him and solve your issues, “she wrote on her Facebook page.

2.. If you leave your husband because he has taken another woman and you think that you will go and get a better man out there, am sorry you are wrong, what you will get is another philanderer who is worse than your husband. Fight for this man who belongs to you. Therefore, women, stick to your men, know how to handle them, solve your issues and how you will change him.

Lakini kiulizo tu, is a man polygamous by nature????????? ” she added.


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