Sunday, March 7, 2021 – Betty Kyallo has finally unveiled the show that she will be hosting on KTN.

Taking to her social media pages, the mother of one, whose TV career flopped after she started being involved in endless scandals and cheap publicity stunts, revealed that she will be hosting a game show every Sunday from 8 PM to 9 PM.

A game show is a type of television show where contestants compete for a reward.

On most game shows, contestants either have to answer questions or solve puzzles, typically to win either money or prizes. 

Fans were disappointed since they thought that she will make a comeback on the screens as a TV anchor.

“This show will be useless. I thought you would bounce back with a heavy show interviewing movers and shakers in politics, economy and other newsmakers. Now you are here with something like ‘The Spelling Bee’. This is not your type of show Betty. Give us something serious,” one of her fans reacted.

Another fan wondered how the show will change the lives of people as she claims.

This is what she posted on her Facebook page while unveiling her new TV show.


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