Saturday, 13 March 2021 – Controversial comedian, Eric Omondi, has warned Kericho Senator, Aaron Cheruiyot, to stop using his name to look for political mileage.

Eric went on a ranting spree on his Instagram page after the vocal Senator supported his recent arrest over the controversial Wife Material Show.

“What Eric Omondi was doing is not art, “the youthful Senator said and trashed the Wife Material Show.

The former Churchill Show comedian didn’t take Cheruiyot’s remarks lightly.

He called him a thief and accused him of using his name to look for votes.

Omondi said that the only person who has the moral authority to address him is KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua.

“DR. Ezekiel Mutua is a moral cop and has the moral authority to address me and we have talked with him and agreed amicably. But this THIEF has no moral authority to address me. Where does a local senator get the audacity to address the PRESIDENT of an entire CONTINENT? Bwana Cheruiyot naona umeanza ku campaign na kutafuta kura na Jina yangu, fanya tu kazi utakua sawa bro. Stay on your lane YOUNG MAN ama ntakuja hapo nikungoe hizo MENO NONSENSE”, he posted on his Instagram page.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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