Thursday, 25 March 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has revealed his favourite Kenyan artist while speaking in an interview with Jalang’o TV at his Karen residence.

According to the second in command, renowned gospel singer, Solomon Mkubwa is his favourite artist.

“What is your favourite Kenyan artist?. Najua hupendi reggae,” Jalang’o posed and Ruto responded saying, “My best artist is Solomon Mkubwa ( Mungu mwenye nguvu),” .

When asked what his favourite food is, Ruto said that he loves Nyama Choma and roasted maize.

Ruto also revealed some of the things that he misses the most by virtue of being a public figure.

He said that he misses window shopping for the latest shoes and clothes.

“What do you miss the most if you were not a leader or a public figure like you are now” Jalang’o asked DP Ruto and he responded saying, “Window-shopping. Hiyo window shopping ni kazi mzuri sana lakini sa hii haiwezekani. Watu wengi watazusha ama itabidi nivae miwani,”


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