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Monday, March 8, 2021 – ODM Secretary-General, Edwin Sifuna, has trashed the regular statements by ODM leader Raila Odinga’s elder brother, Oburu Odinga, on the 2022 presidential bid by the former Prime Minister.

Speaking on Monday, Sifuna said that ODM is not a family business, but a political party funded by taxpayers, and the position of the party is only said by the party leader or other party officials, not the party leader’s relatives.

 “ODM is not a family business.”

“ODM is a political party that is funded by taxpayers, so if you want to know the position of the party, listen to what the party leader is saying, not what his brother or relatives are saying.”

“It is very unfair to Hon. Raila Odinga for you to reduce the political party he leads to personal property,” said the ODM Secretary-General.

Nonetheless, Sifuna made it clear that every member of the ODM party has a right to say their opinion as they see things.

He added that ODM is not banking on any help from outside as they look forward to forming the next government, apart from the help of the people.

 “Hon. Oburu just like any other member of the party has the right to express his opinion on things as he perceives them but the ODM is not depending on any promise or help outside the help of the people,” added Sifuna.

Dr. Oburu Odinga has been very vocal in events claiming that Raila will be the next President of Kenya, and he has the support of the Deep State and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

However, Raila’s ODM has refuted any such thing.


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