Thursday, March 18, 2021 – Tanzania opposition leader, Tundu Antiphas Lissu, has once again lambasted the Tanzania government for lying about the death of President John Pombe Magufuli.

According to Tanzania Vice President Salma Suluhu, Magufuli nicknamed the ‘bulldozer’, died of a heart complication.

Suluhu said Magufuli was admitted at Muzena Hospital in Dar es Salaam on March 6th and died on March 17 at the same hospital.

But Lissu, who survived two assassination attempts by Magufuli’s government, said the Tanzania government should not lie about Magufuli’s cause of death because he died of COVID-19.

Lissu told a Belgium daily that Magufuli died of covid-19 despite the government saying he died of heart complications.

Magufuli,61, declared Tanzania “Covid-19 free” last June. He mocked the efficacy of masks, expressed doubts about testing, and teased neighbouring countries which imposed health measures to curb the virus.

Dr. Magufuli, who was once a chemistry teacher, cultivated an image of a rambunctious action man, a departure from his predecessors’ demure and stately styles.


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