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Tuesday March 9, 2021 – The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) has come out to urge Kenyans to take the COVID-19 vaccine being availed by the government through the Ministry of Health.

In a statement, the Catholic Bishops distanced themselves from a recent statement by the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association (KCDA) which had called on Kenyans to reject the jab.

KCDA had argued that all COVID-19 vaccines are experimental and can only reduce the risks of death but will not stop infection or transmission of the disease.

However, according to Most Rev. Philip Anyolo, the advisory from the doctors was made in their own capacity and not on behalf of Catholic Bishops.

“It must be understood that those doctors cannot and should not purport to speak in the name of the Catholic Church.”

“We, the Catholic Bishops in Kenya, avail our vast network of healthcare facilities to be utilized to ensure the vaccination programme is rolled out in an objective and well-coordinated manner and that the vaccine reaches the most vulnerable as stipulated in the vaccination roll-out plan,” he stated.

According to KCCB, taking the jab is akin to an act of love and charity towards one’s neighbours and community members as part of a moral responsibility to stop the spread of the disease.

The conference also noted that taking the vaccine is a voluntary decision, however warning those who decline it to avoid becoming vehicles of transmitting Coronavirus.

“The Church notes that it is licit and ethically acceptable to receive all COVID-19 vaccines that the Ministry of Health recognizes as clinically genuine, safe and effective,” Anyolo stated.


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