Thursday, 11 March 2021 – Keroche CEO, Tabitha Karanja, appeared in court on Tuesday, March 8th, where she emotionally narrated how Omari Lali exploited her daughter financially.

Tabitha described Lali as a lazy man who enjoyed the proceeds of her daughter’s hard work and then killed her when she stopped giving him money.

Tabitha’s skinny frame caught the attention of Kenyans on Twitter who questioned why she has lost too much weight.

Some even started questioning whether she is going through depression after her precious daughter, Tecra, died, besides facing endless wars with Kenya Revenue Authority.

Tabitha’s firstborn daughter, Anerlisa, has come out to defend her mother from online bullies.

Anerlisa said that they decided as a family to lose weight in 2020.

 She put it clear that her mother’s weightloss is a personal decision and not depression or sickness as some are speculating.

This is how she reacted on her Instagram stories.


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