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Wednesday, March 17, 2021 – At least five members of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s family have in the past five months been hospitalized with Covid-19 symptoms.

This was revealed by family spokesman Oburu Odinga who is also among the victims that contracted the deadly virus.

According to Oburu, Raila was the latest family member to contract the disease, adding that all those affected were either recovering well or had already recovered. 

He explained that he has successfully battled the disease.

Oburu, who is also an East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Member of Parliament (MP) added that his son got the disease immediately after he had been discharged from the hospital.

“Immediately after my case, my youngest son also felt sick and when he went to the hospital he tested positive and had to be isolated for some time.”

“Luckily he survived and is now back on his feet.”

“Mine was kind of asymptomatic but I had faith that I would overcome it and here I am and by the grace of God I feel strong,” Oburu said.

Since he got discharged from the hospital, Oburu said that he makes sure that he exercises regularly and maintains a healthy diet.

“I play golf not to become a professional golfer but because it is a good exercise opportunity for me, at my age I need to be physically fit.”

“For me I fear nothing that is why I am confident to say that I had Covid-19.”

“It is just like any other disease,” the EALA MP said.

Former Kisumu deputy governor, Ruth Odinga, was also admitted to the Nairobi Hospital for three days due to Covid-19 related symptoms.

“I was losing breath and had a severe headache.”

“I was surprised, however, when my results turned negative and I even wondered how because all the symptoms were similar to those of Covid-19,” she said.

Oburu also said that one family member was currently hospitalized due to Covid-19 but refused to disclose the name.

“It is true one of the family members apart from Raila is also in isolation but because of the sensitivity of the matter, I cannot mention the name, “ he said.

Raila was discharged from the Nairobi Hospital on Monday, March 15 after spending five days at the facility. 


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