Monday, 22 March 2021 – Kenyans woke up to sad news after another young lady called Celestine Nduku was beaten to death by her husband.

Nduku’s sister, Monicah Wavinya, took to social media to seek justice and shared screenshots of their last conversations before she lost her life.

Nduku had informed her sister that she was going through hell in her troubled marriage.

She was depressed to an extent that she forgot to eat at times and had even lost a lot of weight.

Her sister advised her to leave her abusive husband and go back to her mother.

However, Nduku was afraid that she will be judged harshly and branded a failure if she walked out of her abusive marriage.

Nduku’s sister lives outside the country and she also had a conversation with her mother when her sister was brutally assaulted by her husband.

Nduku had been advised by her mother to leave her abusive husband but she was adamant.

Here are more screenshots.


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