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Thursday, 25 March 2021 – The mother of Celestine Nduku, the middle-aged lady who was killed by her jilted husband, has revealed her last moments before she lost her life.

Speaking in an interview, Nduku’s mother, Florence Ngina Kioko, disclosed that her deceased daughter had separated from her husband three weeks before he killed her.

On that fateful day when she lost her life, she woke up early and prepared her kids for church.

Unfortunately, she did not accompany her two kids to church.

When the kids came back home from church, they discovered their mother’s body soaked in blood.

“On Sunday, my daughter prepared her kids and they went to church. After church, the kids went home and found their mum in bed soaked in blood. They tried calling her but she did not respond so they came and called me,” Florence said.

When she accessed Nduku’s bedroom, she found her lifeless body soaked in blood.

She had a stab wound and her neck had been cut.

When I got to her bedroom, I found she had a stab wound and her neck ilikua imekatwa kabisa. Her body was already cold. She had been away from her partner’s house for three weeks. The couple had a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son,” she added.

Police are still looking for Nduku’s husband after he went into hiding after committing the heinous murder.

Their marriage was marred with endless domestic disputes.

Nduku had once reported her killer husband to police after he battered her and left her unconscious but he was freed under controversial circumstances.


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