Monday, 29 March 2021 – Over the weekend, seasoned radio presenter, Shaffie Weru, was the talk of social media after he was ‘crucified’ by toxic feminists on social media for expressing his opinion.

Shaffie was accused of supporting violence against women after he urged Kenyan ladies to stop being ‘loose’ and avoid meeting strangers when he was discussing an incident where a lady from Kiambu was thrown off a building by her Facebook boyfriend on their first date.

While most women are busy condemning Shaffie Weru on social media and calling him all manner of names, a beautiful lady who is against toxic feminism says that the popular radio presenter did nothing wrong.

According to her, Shaffie’s controversial sentiments that made him lose his job at Radio Africa are nothing but the pure truth.

She noted that every parent must advise their daughters not to meet strange men as Shaffie Weru said and to avoid using men as cash cows because when a man spends money on a woman, he expects something in return.

Listen to her sentiments.


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