Sunday, March 28, 2021 – Social media has been awash with varied opinions after Shaffie Weru, Neville, and DJ Joe Mfalme were accused of promoting violence against women when they were reacting to a sad story of a lady who was thrown off a building in Nairobi’s Central Business District by her Facebook boyfriend.

Former Kiss 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe, has joined the debate and condemned how Shaffie Weru and his co-presenters have been crucified on social media.

Kibe accused feminists of taking the issue out of context and warned that toxic feminism will bring down corporations faster than mismanagement and corruption.

Andrew Kibe, who expresses his opinions fearlessly, wondered why the recent shocking incident in Kahawa West where a lady stabbed two men and killed one before sucking their blood has not caused a buzz on social media yet feminists are busy attacking Shaffie, Neville, and Joe Mfalme for expressing their opinions.

This is what Kibe tweeted.


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