Friday, March 12, 2021 – An 82-year-old German national who was living in Diani has committed suicide after he lost multi-million property to his Kenyan wife and relatives.

The deceased octogenarian identified as Wolfgang Theodor Fischer, shot himself in the head and left a suicide note indicating that his 62-year-old wife had conspired with her relatives to swindle him.

Fischer was a Kenyan by neutralization after staying in the country for 30 years.

The deceased’s wife found his body lying in a pool of blood at their home in Diani after coming from church.

She then reported the incident to the nearby Diani police station.

Homicide officers who visited the scene recovered a pistol, used magazines, and unspent ammunition.

Fischer had indicated in a suicide letter that was found near his body that he lost all his savings and prime property to his wife and her relatives.

A close friend to the deceased German revealed that he frequently threatened to commit suicide, accusing his wife and in-laws of swindling him.

“He was depressed after losing money and land to people he claimed he was familiar with. I tried comforting and supporting him but all was in vain,” the friend said.


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