Thursday, 04 March 2021 – Faded gospel singer, Jimmy Gait, who is almost clocking 40 without a wife, has revealed that he is not interested in church girls.

According to Gait, church girls are hypocrites and give men pressure.

He has tried dating church girls but it did not work.

“I have tried dating women in the church but it did not work. I want a woman who is saved and not religious. Most of the church girls are religious but they are not really what they portray. I have always dated church girls and there is a lot of hypocrisy,” he said.

He further added that most of the church girls are serial cheaters yet they pretend to be very faithful and religious.

“Msichana anajifanya she is very spiritual in church but outside she is a number one cheater, she will give you pressure because she wants money all the time. They will give you pressure because of social media too. I don’t have a problem taking care of a woman, my problem is with women that are not real and a lot of women in Nairobi are not real,” he added.

Jimmy Gait confirmed that he is single, adding that he is waiting for God to bless him with a lady that he can connect with.

“I have dated, quite a number of times and it didn’t work, nimetuma fare sana. Lakini hii Nairobi ni Nairoberry. For me I want someone who I can connect with and that’s not easy to come by but I am trusting God,” he further said.


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