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Monday, March 8, 20210– Senior chief Christopher Muliro of South Ugenya location has ordered Jaren Odhiambo, who was employed as a shamba boy, to leave the area after receiving several complaints from men.

Muliro said Odhiambo was employed as a farmhand in one of the homes but has been wrecking marriages by engaging in extra-marital affairs with different women.

The letter that was reportedly written by the chief has sparked a lot of reactions on social media with many Kenyans demanding action to be taken against him.

Ugunja deputy county commissioner, Alphis Kolum, has confirmed that his office has begun probing the matter.

 “Should the investigations establish that indeed the chief was behind the letter then we will begin disciplinary proceedings against him. He has no power to expel anyone for whatever reason from his area of jurisdiction,” Kolum said.

According to the chief, several men from his location had lodged complaints with his office, accusing Odhiambo of wooing their wives.

 “Following the numerous complaints that were coming from the villagers, I decided to summon the man to my office on February 19. But even after the summon, the complaints kept coming,” Muliro said.

 “On Thursday morning, I asked him to come to my office and after a lengthy discussion, he asked me to do a letter for him before he could leave the village and by extension, the location,” the chief added.

However, Odhimabo denied the allegations and accused some jealous villagers of tainting his image.

Here’s the letter.


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