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5 Tips to use Instagram to Promote your Business

With the unfurling of the pandemic, online became the new normal and social media our survival kit. The social media platforms saw a 40% increase in usage with the arrival of COVID-19. It’s an adverse situation but comes with great opportunities. With many businesses being shut down, it is the social media marketing that can help businesses withstand this pandemic. It’s important that you bring a new approach in your marketing and promotion activity that reflects the changing circumstances and new consumer needs and interests. With ad spending coming down, it’s important to get creative in order to engage with your target audience. Some of the tips that you can use in the changed circumstances to promote your business are listed below.

  1. Collaborate with Influencers and other famous brands

Any crisis can be faced only when we come together and cooperate with each other for mutual benefits. In order to promote the business, you must reach out to the influencers who have great engagement rates and other local business owners on various kinds of projects. It is not difficult to find people. You may come across many on LinkedIn by using advanced search options and narrow them down based on your preference. You can also find people by using hashtags related to your business and brand. Refine your search as it will help you in finding people best suited to your interest. Collaborate with brands that are not directly your competitors and offer complementary services. Reach out to influencers who have a great following base like 10k to 100k followers and great engagement rate. This will help you in buying Instagram followers and gain more user base as the followers of a particular influencer will gather around your brand too. Offer these influencers more than just free products or services. Ask them to post the content on your feed and to promote your business in their stories, reels, IGTV videos etc. Influencers are named so for a reason which is they have a certain amount of influence on their followers. Reaching out and collaborating them, in times of crisis, is very much a possibility and has great efficiency in promotional activities.

  1. Try increasing Conversions, and not just followers

It is always good to have many followers as it speaks about the level of engagement and visibility your page has on Instagram. However, just having followers is not going to profit your business. You need to aim at converting these social media followers into customers. It is only then that your promotion will bear fruit. If you don’t push these followers and make them your customers, they are voyeurs with no purpose whatsoever. The most cost-effective way in which you can accomplish the task of converting followers into customers in order to gain more user base and not just buy Instagram followers is using giveaways that will build an email database. What you need to do is share the details of the contest on your Instagram and other social media pages with instructions on how the fans and viewers can participate by clicking on the link and providing their email address. You can do this in two ways: one by designing a website page or other by creating an email subscribe option on the website. Once you have the email address of your followers and viewers, you can turn them into customers by engaging in email marketing campaigns.

  1.  Make use of Podcasts

Whatever products or services you sell, make use of podcasts to promote about it as it can help not just your business but also project you as the leader in that particular field. Podcasts are a great way of building personal and brand reputation. Make a list of podcasts talking about your brand journey. Talk about the story that made your brand for what it is and what values you cherish. Make a list of podcasts that are relevant for your business and follow them on social media. There are two ways you can go about it. First, you can create your own podcast channel if you have members who are best suited for it. Talk about the story of your brand, your products and customers etc. Second, you can contact podcasters either via dm or email them and pitch the content you would like to share with the audience. Podcasters share their interviews and are very popular. This popularity generates a lot of brand awareness and a great relevant content. This will help you buy new Instagram followers and gain more user base who come under your target audience.

  1. Online Networking

Networking is a great way in expanding your enterprise, your brand. With this online mode that has become the new normal, you can network with big players in your business while just sitting in the comfort of your living rooms. The world is yours to conquer. The fun fact: you don’t have to travel. Join those groups that are relevant to your business and will help you increase your popularity. If you don’t find any group or networking event best suited for you, create one. You can promote the events on a niche interest or engage in teaching certain skill. This will be a great trigger for email sign-ups. Zoom can be a great platform for the same.

  1. Take full advantage of the Instagram features

Acknowledge the crisis and the situation we are in. It might be a difficult one but provides us with great opportunities. One such opportunity is making the full use of social media. Instagram provides us with great number of features like Instagram stories, Instagram lives, carousel posts, Instagram reels, hashtags, IGTV videos etc. that will keep your viewers engaged while also buying new Instagram followers. Use these features to engage on a personal level with your customers. Instagram story can be a great way of taking feedback from the customers by using questions or ask me anything sticker. You can then answer these questions in a long-form video and put it up on your IGTV channel. Use Instagram reel to make short videos sharing tips and tutorials or be a part of the trendy challenge. Ask your followers what music they hear, make bingo templates, ask what they want you to post or the product they want. This will help you gain more user base and establish a connect between the customer and the brand. A connect that is emotional, not just professional. Be creative and share tips and your expertise by going live. Then repurpose these live stories and use it again.

The pandemic has befallen on us and forced us to rethink our ways. These are adverse times but one with many opportunities. The onus falls on us. Make wise use of the situation and you may pull through. These strategies are some of the many ways you can promote your business in times of the pandemic and beyond.

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