Sunday, February 28, 2021 – Karen Nyamu is the talk of the town after she posted a video of Samidoh babysitting their son on Saturday, ending months of endless speculations that something is going on between her and the famous Mugithi artist.

The controversial lawyer and politician confirmed that Samidoh is the biological father of their 4-month-old son through the viral video which she captioned, “A dad doesn’t tell you he loves you, he shows you,”

The video sparked a lot of reactions on social media, especially from ladies.

Some ladies labeled Karen a homewrecker and accused her of posting the video to mock Samidoh’s wife, Edith.

As the video of Samidoh bonding with his son continues to spark reactions on social media, Karen has savagely attacked ladies who are badmouthing her on social media.

She called them a bunch of extremely bitter women and said that there’s nothing wrong when a father spends time with his child.

“A bunch of extremely bitter women frothing at the mouth when they see a child bonding with their dad, 

sasa nyinyi,” she wrote.

She also lashed out at those people who are saying that she is pulling stunts on social media to hurt Samidoh’s wife.

According to Karen’s post, Samidoh is in good terms with his wife even as he co-parents with her.


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