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Monday, February 1, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has moved to dismiss the own going rumours that President Uhuru Kenyatta owes him a political debt.

Speaking to crowds in Narok County on Sunday, Ruto asserted that his boss, Uhuru Kenyatta, does not owe him any political favours.

The DP clarified that the two leaders only owed taxpayers a debt of developing the country.

“As President Kenyatta said correctly yesterday, he has no debt to nobody.”

“ He does not have my debt.”

“Uhuru Kenyatta owes me nothing.”

“He owes no community nothing,” Ruto said.

“There is only one debt that I share with Uhuru Kenyatta, that is the debt of uniting this country and undertaking the transformation that will see the lives of Kenyans changed and the welfare of our nation moved to the next level,” he added.

He further noted that he was intending to support the Head of State to ensure that the promise the duo made to Kenyans is fulfilled.

“If there is any debt, is the debt of gratitude I have to the people of Kenya who gave a simple person like me the opportunity to serve as an elected Deputy President of Kenya,” he added.

In a speech to over 7,000 delegates at Sagana State Lodge, the President refuted claims that he had made a promise to support the DP, adding his only vow was to the people of Kenya.


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